Saturday, 26 October 2013

More celebrations!

Update from our leaders today, "We started the day with a surprise happy birthday to Assery (our excellent Livingstone Tanzania Trust Co- ordinator). Here he is with his "Birthday Hat".

Then the usual cement mixing and shouts for "maji" (water) ensued. We've also started painting the outside of the classroom so it's looking even closer to completion. Here's Ally in classic sand shovelling mode:

After lunch the team took their weekend trip to the market to buy fabric for the leaving ceremony. Then onto a local cafe to celebrate Assery's birthday and also Jason's graduation day as a qualified teacher. (Jason also works for the Livingstone Tanzania Trust).
More evening games followed and the team are looking forward to a lie in tomorrow before church. 
Oh, and here's a nice photo taken in the evening light of some kids collecting wood in the school grounds:"


  1. Can't see the photos from Saturday .....

  2. Apologies - have uploaded them again - they should be visible now...