Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Successful day of work

The team had a really good day today. They managed to plaster the whole of the front and side wall and have almost finished the store room. Daniel and Alasdair were the head brick layers and were very proud of the store room after staying late on site to finish it. As a result Alasdair was nominated worker of the day. Cooks Penny, Max, Emma H and Emily made a delicious meal of mashed Potato and veg which they bought fresh from the local market this morning. When we received this update they had just finished their games for the night which included a very funny round of charades and psychologist.

They are all tucked up in bed now resting in preparation for birthday celebrations for Emily tomorrow (there is a cake and lots of balloons and banners) 

Apologies for not posting any photographs today. I am assured that there will be extra tomorrow! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Emily
    All our love
    Mum and Dad